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So in line with the reforms we made when we relaunched the Lesson From The Week series last Friday, we present this week’s episode of stories since the last:

Who’s the real specialist in failure?

If you win no trophies in a season, does that make you a specialist in failure? Nah, not really.

How about two consecutive trophyless seasons with two different teams? Still not enough.

What if they are two of the richest clubs in world football? Okay, that could pass.

For all his antics in the media, Jose Mourinho has not really backed them up on the pitch. He left Madrid under a cloud of in-fighting and unrest.

Now at Chelsea, he’s played down his team’s chances all season even with all the money he spent. If that isn’t fear of failure on expectations then I don’t know what is.

In my mind, the only difference between Chelski and Sp*rs this season is that one has not broken a negative spiral spell cast by Arsenal.

How does Bayern’s loss affect Arsenal?

I’ll be the first to admit my theory is a little far-fetched. Okay, maybe not a little but it makes sense to me.

Bayern Munich were thrown out of the competition by Real Madrid because they have a poor defence. In Koscielny, we have the best defender in the league and he’s talked of leaving a couple of times. I wouldn’t be suprised if Bayern came calling for him this summer and he left.

How accurate are Mert4′s assertions?

Firstly, Per says Arsenal don’t deserve a place in the top three because of those horrible away days at the Eastlands, Anfield, and Stamford Bridge. Then he says those games have to provide lessons going into next season.

It’s refreshingly great to hear a player speak so honestly about the team’s failings, and while there are no doubt those results were horrible, this piece on ESPN touched on a couple of other games which provided more regret and pain than those accidents against the top 3 which exist outside my realm of understanding.

Over the course of the season, and purely mathematically, games like Southampton away, Swansea, Everton and Villa at home where we dropped silly points hurt us more than the spankings we received. Then there’s the United game at home and Stoke away where a little more effort would have seen 3 points.

This is not an attempt to downplay the big defeats, but to focus on them as the reason for another below-par league season doesn’t quite sit well with me. So while we are addressing the issue of falling apart 15mins into the big games, we should also look into the issue of dropping points from winning positions against lesser teams.

Can Özil be termed a flop?

I came across this article in which Ozil was labelled a flop, alongside the likes of Fellaini, Soldado and Osvaldo.

I’ll be the first to admit Mesut has not reached the heights we all expected, but to label him a flop after what would have been a decent season by most other midfielder’s standards is a tad harsh in my opinion.

But then he’s Mesut, double figure goals and triple figure assists in 1 season should come with a single whip of that left foot.

One last chance for Bendtner?

Lord Nicklas, who has surprisingly stayed out of the news for what must surely be a record time for him, is back. For the good reasons this time. He’s been talking to the Danish press about his future and his past.

He’s out of contract at Arsenal in the summer and he’s seemingly more interested in living the life of a footballer than actually being a footballer.

He’s come out to say he’s sorry “if people felt offended” and that he regrets “the tone that is around me and the image created around my person.”

No Nicklas, apologizing means owning up and taking responsibility, not shifting blame like the media conjured stories of you whipping your junk at a taxi driver out of midair.

He says the Bundesliga interests him, and I’m sure he can get a team willing to give him another chance. On the days he decides to show up, Nicklas is a decent footballer; the problem is that those days are pretty few and far between.

Has Bac played his last game at The Ems?

The win against N’castle might be Sagna’s last game at The Emirates. He’s out of contract in the summer and talks of a new deal have not progressed much.

He’s holding out for a 3-year deal with increased pay but I don’t think the club is willing to meet his demands. So he looks like he’s on his way out, and now a knee injury means he’s a major doubt for Sunday’s visit of West Brom.

Adios Bac?

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